Bitmain Antminer invests $3.2M in Mega Token to support Dubai Crypto Industry

A new alliance has been formed between the Polygon framework for creating and linking Ethereum compatible blockchain networks and Megaverse, a potential new metaverse project. The agreement comes at a crucial juncture in Mega’s growth as they prepare to open up investments in public markets and provide customers access to the digital realm geared toward well-known brands and fan communities. Megaverse was created to expose the metaverse to social media users and the most vibrant international groups. Of the 7.9 billion people in the earth, 4.5 billion actively use social media. Over the course of the next ten years, the metaverse will host the great bulk of this social media activity. The goal of Mergaverse is to hasten this shift and bring the future forward.

The Megaverse is the focal point of the Mega DAO ecosystem that is being developed, which includes MEGA Guild (an ecosystem of the world’s most well-known tournament-based games), MegaFi (a decentralized exchange platform), and Mega NFTs (a platform to sell, trade, create, and buy non-fungible tokens). Users from all over the world will be able to join in and participate in all activities. The goal of this enormous project is to build a sustainable interactive community by fusing a variety of ecosystem-wide elements. The group’s goal is to increase the number of people spending time in the new digital environment by simply converting social media users into metaverse users. They want to get in touch with at least 10 million of the 4.5 billion people who use social media.

User participation in the Mega DAO and MegaFI, a decentralized exchange with swaps, farms, liquidity pools, an NFT market, staking, and a launchpad for new crypto, gaming, and metaverse projects, is also planned. The platform enables the production and exchange of NFTs solely within the Megaverse ecosystem.

Mega tokens may be obtained by sellers by selling their NFTs. Megaverse will debut on the Polygon blockchain, and one of the foundation areas will be the island of MATIC (Polygon’s digital money). This is crucial for any company looking to buy, sell, or trade digital assets like NFTs or tokens since it greatly lowers the changing costs involved. It may be thought of as a second layer system added on the first layer blockchain already created by Ethereum. Polygon accomplishes this by effectively piggybacking on the Ethereum network. By enabling speedy deployment of pre-built blockchain networks and a growing collection of modules for creating customized networks, Polygon will assist Mega in realizing its ambition. Using Polygon’s service, Mega to reduce the costs users will face when interacting with their ecosystem.

In addition to having sectors of land inside the virtual world associated with the most well-known celebrities and clubs in the world, Mega has announced that their Megaverse Map will contain sectors named after the 20 top digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and Polygon’s own coin, Matic. Polygon will advertise the Megaverse to its shareholders using the Matic map space. More than 210,000 land pieces representing various crypto blockchains make up the Megaverse ecosystem. More than 20 other popular cryptocurrencies, including Polygon (MATIC), Ethereum, and Bitcoin (BTC), are each represented by a different island. Users of the Megaverse can buy these land parcels and then build virtual boutiques, stores, showrooms, or other online enterprises on them.

The lands may also be used by users as social centres for hanging out, playing games, and making new friends. With a generous $25,000 development grant, Polygon will support Mega’s idea by assisting the team in gathering resources, creating their environment, and promoting it to the neighborhood. Additionally, Polygon will assist with listing MEGA, Mega’s digital currency, on significant exchanges. A total of 10 trillion Mega tokens will be available, and they will be distributed among the Mega ecosystem, investors, partnerships, and public shareholders. With ambitious intentions for the area, one business, Antminer Bitmain, is laying the groundwork for the cryptocurrency sector in Dubai. Antminer Bitmain has made considerable investments in the region and is now constructing cryptocurrency mining farms as well as a luxurious showroom with the latest technology.

Mega is based in Dubai, and Antminer Bitmain CEO  has confirmed that the company will invest a total of $.2 million in MEGA Token at the preferential 2.5% presale buy-in rate. In hopes that this infusion of cash into the Dubai-based metaverse project will encourage the growth of other cryptocurrency space projects.

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